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Women's History Month

Women's History Month

Celebrate this Women's History Month with Support

At Oceeto, we know that moms today are often juggling the demands of parenting with careers, personal growth, and the challenges of modern adulting.  This Women's History Month we’re hopeful that even one of the below ideas can help you ask for (or give) more effective help to those busy moms in your life. 


·       Commit to Listening.  One study by Peanut (2023), showed that a whopping 83% of moms report feeling “lonely, isolated or irritable.”  Sometimes, the best support you can give a mom (or ask for) is non-judgy mental space to express her experiences, feelings, fears and failures. Active listening goes a long way.


·       Help with Household Tasks.   Help with everyday tasks – even small ones – can help reduce pressure on a mom.  Consider


·       Advocate for Better Work Arrangements.  Use your voice in and around the workplace to support and promote policies like flex schedules, remote work options and others that often benefit most workers, especially mamas!


·       Encourage Self-Care Remind moms that taking care of themselves is not selfish, it’s important and necessary.  And self-care, like women, takes many forms.  It can be something elaborate like helping to plan a trip away with friends or something minimal like sending her a  Care’digan™ to use and relax in during those (brief) times alone before/ after she returns to caregiving. 


·       Offer Childcare Solutions.  Share information about affordable, available childcare options or, offer/ provide babysitting to help lighten the caregiving load.  Even a one-time occurrence can really bless a mom!


·       Celebrate Their Achievements. Acknowledge and celebrate the victories in her life, from parenting milestones to professional achievements.

Women's History Month or not, remember it’s often the little things that make the biggest impact in helping moms feel seen, supported and understood. 🌸