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The saying goes that "necessity is the mother of invention" – because of course its a mom that would drive invention! And that was absolutely the case for the start of Oceeto when, early one morning after my first little guy spit up all over my front, again missing entirely the strategically placed burp cloth on my shoulder, I'd had enough! Yes, it was gross, but it was the other costs too – extra laundry (my own), ruined clothing (which was already limited), not to mention the lost sleep (more than usual). I knew there just had to be a better solution to this all- too common problem. Encouraged by my husband (slash co-founder) and armed with determination, Oceeto was born!

I spent the next few years dreaming about and developing the carers cape based on countless conversations with moms and other carers, tons of research and my personal experiences trying to give the best care to my little ones while staying
clean (and sane, when possible)!

Today, Oceeto is excited to translate that research and experience into a smart, intuitive solution to one of the more
persistent challenges facing today's moms and caregivers.

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Andrea Hess
Andrea Hess
founder / ceo