The Care’digan™ helps moms avoid messes, so there's more time for big moments with littles!

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...Less messy mama. More time. Happier you.

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Why the Care’digan™?

  • Covers upper body.

    We used a soft, absorbent and comfortable fabric to help guard your entire upper body.  Because being a mom is a “full contact” sport and there’s rarely a good way to predict where you’ll get messy.

  • Smart, easy magnetic closures.

    Magnetic closures mean you have TWICE the surface area of other solutions. Plus, they're intuitive, quiet and easy to use – "look mom, only one hand!"

  • Deep pockets.

    Paci or phones, we got you with our deep pockets!

  • Versatile style!

    No matter your activity the Care’digan™’s simple, understated style’s got you covered… Feeding? Burping? Getting yourself ready? We got you, mama!

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Keeps You Cleaner

Let’s face it, caring for anyone – especially babies and kiddos – is a messy job! Trust us, as parents and founders, we know what it's like to be covered in "love" constantly!

That’s why we created The Care’digan™ , to comfortably and quickly cover mom’s entire upper body. So, instead of guessing where you think, expect or hope spit ups and messes will happen, our solution helps guard you all over with an absorbent, stylish yet comfy layer!

…and Saves You (Time)!

The Care’digan's™ patent-pending design has simple, quiet magnetic closures that gives you a useful, comfy and easy-to-use tool that’s created for you and your needs! And that buys you a bit more time in your day, to make loving and caring big for littles (and you), just a bit easier.

  • Enough already!

    The saying goes that "necessity is the mother of invention" – because of course it’s moms that drive invention! And that was absolutely the case for the Care’digan™. It was early one morning in 2014 after my first little guy spit up all over my front, AGAIN missing entirely the strategically placed burp cloth on my shoulder, I'd had enough! Yes, it was gross, but there were other costs, too…

  • I was not alone

    Those costs included extra laundry (my own), ruined clothing (which was already limited), not to mention  the lost sleep (more than usual) .  And after speaking with other new moms, it was super clear that I was NOT alone. But there just wasn’t a great solution. Burp clothes didn’t cover me, robes weren’t quite the best fit, nursing covers were a joke when multitasking and going shirtless got cold, fast – he was a fall/ winter baby, after all!

  • The Care’digan™ was born

    Yet I knew there just had to be a better solution to this all- too common problem. Encouraged by my husband (slash co-founder) and armed with equal parts faith and determination, the Care’digan™ was born!

  • A dream come true

    I spent the next few years dreaming about and developing the Care'digan based on countless conversations with moms and other carers, tons of research and my personal experiences trying to give the best care to my little ones while staying clean (and sane, when possible). And now, after countless "labor pains, it's ready to share with you–may it bring you just a little more help as you do the big job of caring!


"I love this... for babies who chronically spit up. So very sleek and stylish..."

(mom of 4)

"...this looks professional but is also practical. Really love for nursing..."

(mama of 1)

"I wish that something like this was available when my children were infants. As a nursing mom, I walked around with a towel because those burping cloths  were a joke[!]"

(mama of 2)

"I love preserving my outfit before we headed out [for date night]!"

(mommy of 1)

"...The material is absolutely fantastic, buttery soft, and it’s so cute. I have worn it just to wear it, even when not using it for its purpose. The fact that it has pockets is a GAME CHANGER!"

(mom of 3)