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Women's History Month

Women's History Month

Celebrate this Women's History Month with Support

At Oceeto, we know that moms today are often juggling the demands of parenting with careers, personal growth, and the challenges of modern adulting.  This Women's History Month we’re hopeful that even one of the below ideas can help you ask for (or give) more effective help to those busy moms in your life. 

Oceeto joined tech entrepreneurs to help bring busy moms a convenient, helpful new product: The Care’digan™.

Oceeto's Family
Andrea Hess, along with her husband Austin, founded Oceeto (ō· sē· tō). Their first product idea, The Care'digan™, stemmed from their own need to better address the countless and unexpected messes that come up (and out) while caring for their littles. As part of their process, the couple participated in the National Science Foundation's Northeast I-Corps Network, where they worked with and connected to mentors who helped them discover what busy, tired moms and parents most needed.

Find the full article here!

Surviving Stains: A Nursing Mom's tips to Conquering Breast Milk Mishaps During the Holidays

Surviving Stains: A Nursing Mom's tips to Conquering Breast Milk Mishaps During the Holidays
Earlier, we posted on IG about how frequently nursing moms experience “leakage” – yikes (and thank God for innovations like nipple pads, the Care’digan™!). Given how prevalent this experience is, and the fact that breast milk stains clothing due to its high protein levels, we wanted to follow-up with a few practical tips about how these stains are – especially with the Christmas and holiday season upon us. According to Dreft, you’ll want to treat any stain as follows:

Step 1: Cold Water Soak

Soak stained clothes in cold water for at least 15 - 20 minutes. Do NOT use hot water because it basically “cooks” the protein and sets the stain. (Gross!)

Step 2: Treat (ASAP!)

Spray the clothes with a stain remover – here at Oceeto, we’re HUGE fans of Miss Mouth's HATE STAINS Co. “Messy Eater Stain Treater” – and rub it into the fabric. Let the stain remover sit for the maximum recommended time.

Step 3: Wash

Just like with a fresh breast milk stain, you’ll want to wash a set-in stain using the coldest water possible. Toss your garment in the washer and launder using cold water. If the stain doesn’t come out after the first cycle, run the washer again.

Step 4: Air Dry (if you can)

Dryers can cause the stain to set – remember the hot water “cooking” effect we mentioned at Step 1? Same principle – so air dry your garment whenever possible. (Not mention that you’re not gonna’ want to put your Care’digan™ in the dryer to ensure the handy magnetic closures last). Alternatively, if you have to use a dryer, use a lower setting and set your garment near a window to air dry and get some sun.